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A perfect place to learn

skiing at praboure

What luck to have just the friendliest, nicest little gem of a ski station less than an hour from us. The little ones can learn in small groups or even an individual lesson. All in the lovely scenery by Praboure near Saint Antheme.

Posted: 06 February 2012

Autumn in the Mountains

jardin octobre

Autumn is truly here at last. A faint frost in the mornings giving way to warm Autumnal days with sunny skies and sensational colours. Pity we have to clear up all those leaves when they finally come down though!

Posted: 26 October 2011

A wonderful adventure - our cevennes-camargue riding holiday

riding holiday chateau de chazelles

We’ve just got back from fine tuning our progressive ride from the Cevennes mountains to the Camargue.
While I still truly believe that the Auvergne offers the best riding in France, this is a very memorable and special riding holiday, particularly interesting as you encounter so many different sorts of countryside – all in one week – mountains, chestnut woods, the arid ‘garrigue’ plain of Pompignan, the lush vineyards around Claret, the verdant riverside beside the Vidourle, and of course the magical Camargue. There is a feeling of great progression as you descend from the mountains, and it is practically impossible not to be emotionally moved as you first step onto the sand with your faithful mount and gaze at the mediterranean sea.
Our accommodation on route is really good too. I beat anyone to find a better overnighter on a horse riding holiday than the Bergerie at Pompignan.
Roll on 2012….

Posted: 24 October 2011

September swimming with the horses in the Loire

swimming in the Loire with the horses

What luck to have a beautiful hot September weekend. On Saturday we all decamped to our favourite secret spot on the Loire for a spot of swimming – horses included!

Posted: 13 September 2011

Saint Andre Fete

saint andre village carnival 2011

Saint Andre’s festival is held on the last weekend of August. This is a lovely traditional celebration which starts on the Saturday night with a dinner, a candle-lit lantern procession which all the children join in around the village, and a firework display. The next day there is a procession of haycarts where each village in the commune vies with each other to have the best decoration. It is themed and this year it was television series. Our village chose Heidi and Lily had a great time with the other children parading around the village and throwing confetti at the crowd.

Posted: 13 September 2011

The beautiful nature of the Haute Loire

The natural landscape around us never ceases to amaze me. The summer days spent down by the rivers and walking and riding always reveal new things….. a young red squirrel glimpsed through the trees, a new strange mushroom(!) massses of butterflies in a sun-dappled woodland clearing, or like here, an afternoon bathing in the local river, where dozens of beautifully coloured dragonflies danced around us.

Posted: 22 August 2011

Annual Village Lunch

chazelles village lunch

The village lunch was held with us this year. All forty five of us enjoyed a delicious meal, a catch up with the village gossip, and a thoroughly lovely time.

Posted: 22 August 2011

Summer promenades

horse riding to chalencon, france

We went on a wonderful ride today down to Chalencon, then a canter through the woods – bliss. A group of riders from the south of France stayed tonight – they are doing the Caracolade route and told me that this was one of the best areas in France they had ever ridden in, and that they are coming back next year for a week!

Posted: 05 August 2011

All Aboard !

carriage driving

Fancy a spin anyone. Mr Zed is always happy to take out the guest carriage, and this area is such an ideal place for carriage driving with its many farm tracks and small roads.

Posted: 28 July 2011

Lazy Sundays by the river


We had a lovely lazy Sunday last week and went down to Chalencon and the river Ance with our little fishing nets and to have a swim. Lots of vibrantly coloured dragonflies were landing near us as we swam. The river here is beautiful and the colours changing as the sun filters through the forest.

Posted: 28 July 2011